"Another Monica Bellucci Dream" in Twin Peaks issue of Blue Fifth Review

Is it future or is it past?

I am delighted to have a new poem "Another Monica Bellucci Dream" in the Twin Peaks special edition of Blue Fifth Review. The poem is inspired by episode 14 of Twin Peaks: The Return where FBI Director Gordon Cole relates his bizarre dream of meeting the famed actress at a Parisian cafe and the memory she triggers of agents Dale Cooper and Phillip Jeffries.

It's also a treat to be featured along with this talented crew of poets, writers and artists: Kevin Lynn Carrier, Spencer Chou, Leonora Desar, Satch Dobrey, Andrea Eaker, Karen Head, Dianna Henning, Moira J, Benjamin Kinney, Gretchen Seaver Lee, Matthew David Perez, Meghan Phillips, Jeanne Marie Spicuzza, Kailey Tedesco, and Pamela Murray Winters. I also love that Ivy Alvarez, who edited the Twin Peaks anthology A Slice of Cherry Pieis back to introduce this edition.

Many thanks to BFR editor Sam Rasnake for including my work and being such a devoted fan of poetry and Twin Peaks!

Let's rock! 


Maureen said…
Congratulations, Collin!
Collin Kelley said…
Thank you, Maureen!

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