The 2018 Poet Bloggers Revival Tour

Modern Confessional marks its 15th anniversary in 2018. When I created this blog in 2003, my first poetry collection, Better To Travel, had just been published and I was looking for some way to connect with fellow poets. For many years, I was a diligent blogger, posting once a week about a variety of topics – from reviews and rants to readings and rough drafts.

The golden age of blogging lasted from 2003 to 2010, but it couldn't compete with Facebook and Twitter. After that, blogs went dormant or disappeared altogether. The list of bloggers I linked to shrank every year. I often thought of closing down Modern Confessional, archiving the posts and moving to a static website. But I could never quite pull the trigger. I’ve given the blog numerous makeovers (the current incarnation is my favorite) and I’ve continued to post even as my fellow poet bloggers fell away.

Maybe it’s the oversharing or toxicity that has engulfed Facebook and Twitter or just a desire to return to long-form, in-depth writing, but blogging seems to be making a comeback – at least in the poetry world. Enter fabulous poets Donna Vorreyer and Kelli Russell Agodon. Together they have created the 2018 Poet Bloggers Revival Tour and I am thrilled to see so many poets have taken up the challenge of posting at least once a week during 2018. I’ll be among them. Many poets believe we’re in a new golden age for poetry, so it makes sense to bring back the blogs that started the revolution.

I cannot promise that I will post every week, but I am going to make a damn good effort. So are the other poets on the Revival Tour. What will be blogging about? Craft discussions, reviews, sharing reading lists, poem drafts, process discussions, successes and failures, interviews, prompts, upcoming readings, market news/suggestions, news of the “writing world” and anything else that strikes our fancies.

Below is the list of bloggers who are part of the Revival Tour. If you're a poet with a blog, please join us.

Happy New Year!

Ringleaders of This New Year’s Resolution:
Kelli Russell Agodon   
Donna Vorreyer  
Bloggers to Follow on the Revival Tour
Teresa Hichens Ballard
Mary Biddinger 
Dave Bonta
Patricia Caspers
Grant Clauser
Josephine Corcoran
Jenelle D’Alessandro
Heather Derr-Smith   
Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow
Jeannine Hall Gailey 
Gail Goepfert
Sarah Kain Gutowski
Charlotte Hamrick
Erin Hollowell  
Trish Hopkinson
Crystal Ignatowski
Anita Olivia Koester
Courtney LeBlanc   
Lorena P Matejowsky   
James Moore    
LouAnn Sheperd Muhm
January Gill O’Neill .  
Jennifer Saunders
Kim Bailey Spradlin
Bonnie Staiger
Hannah Stephenson
Stephanie Lane Sutton
Christine Swint   
Carey Taylor
Lesley Wheeler
Allyson Whipple


Sean Wright said…
Hi Collin,

I haven't been blogging as long as you (I think I started somewhere around 2008 and not a poetry blog either). But I have found FaceBook in particular has destroyed blogging/communication by addicting us all to short term dopamine fixes.

I am looking forward to meeting new poets and helping develop my craft on the tour.


carolee bennett said…
delighted to be among those still here! looking forward to continued reading!

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