A new poem and a health update

I have a new poem, "Five Days in LA," in the latest edition of Impossible Archetype. Many thanks to Mark Ward for taking this one. You can read the entire issue at this link

It's been one year since my cancer diagnosis and I had a checkup with my surgeon this week. He said everything is looking good but it might be another nine months to year before I see any results from the nerve graft in my face. There's another procedure that could be done, which requires taking a length of muscle from my thigh and threading it through my face to help restore symmetry, but that sounds horrific. I might explore botox. The droop face really is depressing. 

My six month cancer scans in December were clear, but I'll be having more in June. Fingers crossed for the continued "all clear." I think I'll feel and even bigger weight of my shoulders when those results come back.

I'm slowly but surely getting the new & selected together collection. Publication is planned for September 2023. 

On a final note, I sold my car. Since moving to the condo in Midtown, I can walk to the supermarket, pharamacy, restaurants, etc. I'm catching Lyft or MARTA when I need to go further afield. I was paying $435 a month for my car note, insurance, gas and maintenance. I spent a total of $64 in transportation costs during March. So definitely a big savings and I haven't missed the car at all. 


Dave Bonta said…
I think you forgot the link

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