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A new chapbook and a prompt

I am thrilled to announce that I signed a contract this week with Sibling Rivalry Press to publish my new poetry chapbook, Midnight in a Perfect World, this November.  It seems fitting that the new book will be published during a year of milestone anniversaries: it's been five since SRP  published Render and an astonishing 15 since the release of my debut collection, Better To Travel. I mentioned in the last post that this blog is also marking 15 years, so there is much to celebrate and remember.

In many ways, Midnight in a Perfect World is the sequel to Better To Travel, which chronicled my first trips to Europe. The bulk of the work in the chapbook was written or inspired by my many subsequent visits to London and the UK. My publisher, the fabulous Bryan Borland, liked the manuscript, but he wanted to see "Feast," one of the poems from the recent New Poetry Project here at Modern Confessional, included in the book. I asked Bryan if I could add a few more, and he told …

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