FROM COLLIN: It seems that is slowly coming back to normal. I will be trying to update the site tomorrow and early in the week. However, I have decided to keep this Blogger page as a mirror site to the real website. That way, if there is ever a major malfunction of the host server, everyone will know to automatically come to this page to see what is going on. Blogger is a a lot of fun and has a true sense of community about it. Not to mention, it's so easy to update. :)

Since the main site has been off line, I haven't been able to tell everyone that I will be reading at the Poets for Peace event on Monday, May 5 at Horizon Theatre in Little 5 Points on Euclid Avenue. The time is 7 p.m. and donations of $5 to $20 are requested. The program will be diverse, but it's all about peace. Horizon is the perfect place to hold this event since it coincides with the theatre's production of Tony Kushner's shattering drama "Homebody/Kabul." Hope to see everyone there.


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