WEEKEND THOUGHTS: THe main website at www.collinkelley.com did come back up, about half an hour after I posted that is was down. It was just a glitch in the server and they fixed it quickly.

I'm getting ready to head out this afternoon for the signing and reading with Cecilia Woloch at the Barnes & Noble in Norcross hosted by Lisa Allender. Hope to have a good crowd out for that. If anyone happens to read this, it starts at 3 p.m.

Went and saw Matrix Revolutions last night. I am horribly disappointed. It was just a big mess at the end and really told you nothing and left it open for more sequels. This was about as bad as George Lucas fucking up the Star Wars films with the last two poorly written prequels. And don't get me started on Aliens. Why can't people leave stuff alone? Did I mention I'm a bit of sci-fi film buff? I don't get into all the fantasy books and stuff like that, but I do enjoy a good space epic or mind-bender.

I've heard a couple of comments from folks on my...ahem..."dirty" poems in the new issue of Velvet Mafia. One person suggested it might make me lose a few readers. Too bad. I am not going to stifle my voice to be politically correct or morally upright. This is the 21st century. I write about many things. Better To Travel is subtitled "selected poems" for a reason: I chose the ones that fit an overall theme. The poems in the book are just a smattering of a larger body of work, and not all of that work is about heartbreak and travelling to Europe. Some of it is about sex and drugs and politics. Just wait...you'll see.


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