GETTING POLITICAL, GOING TO THE MOVIES: Thanks to everyone who has emailed me about the poem Subliminal Messages in Campaign Advertising (scroll down to the next post to read it). I've had two anonymous replies, including one who called me a Kool Aid Kerry supporter. For those who don't know, this is one of talk show/blowhard/fascist Sean Hannity's favorite put downs. If you support a Democrat, then you might as well drink poisoned Kool Aid like the followers of Jim Jones. If it'll get Bush out of office, poor me a big tall glass. I like grape. In the papers today, Bush is now eyeballing Iran. He says they are harboring Al-Qaeda terrorists. November can't get here fast enough. 
I finally got out of the house over the weekend and went with friends to see The Door in the Floor, based on John Irving's book A Widow For One Year. I was concerned that it would be a slice and dice job (and it is in a way, because the film only covers the first couple hundred pages), but it was a blindingly beautiful and haunting movie. This is definitely some of Jeff Bridges and Kim Basinger's best work. They totally transcend. It has that In the Bedroom kind of melancholy about it. Bridges definitely should be remembered at Oscar time.


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