IN THE MIDST OF GREATNESS: So last night, I got to hear the incredible Cherryl Floyd-Miller read at Java Monkey Speaks. She's an amazing asset to the commmunity of artists we have here. Her work was straight-forward and truthful...just the way I like it.

Tonight, my day job offered up a great perk. I had the opportunity to meet...let me fan myself...Marsha Norman, Margaret Edson and Rebecca Gilman. If that's not a playwriting trinity to the 100th power I don't know what is. All three were at the Alliance Theatre's "Taste of the Season" event to preview what's coming up for 2004-05. One of the highlights was hearing Adrian Lenox premiere a song from the musical of The Color Purple. She was sassy and fun and will make a GREAT Shug Avery. T.C. Carson also wowed the crowd with a number from Five Guys Named Moe and Gilman talked about her journey to turn Carson McCuller's classic The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter into a stage play. And of course Edson wrote of the finest pieces of drama ever. Marsha Norman wrote one of my all time favorite plays, Night Mother, so just being in the same room with her had me vibrating. My long dormant theatre geek was just about to burst out.

Long day. Tired, but happy!


BLUE said…
Collin: "Incredible" me thinks that you are incredible too. So sorry I missed the Alliance gig. Sounds fab. ~BLUE

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