THE WIND AND THE WAR: We are getting a taste of Hurricane Ivan as I write this. I left work early and it was a fairly harrowing drive home. Power is out all over midtown, trees are down, winds blowing debree down the road. I am stunned to have power, but cable is out. I'm listening to the weather on the PC while I still can. I'm hunkered down, but I have a feeling I'll be missing The Apprentice again tonight. Damn it!

I haven't posted a political rant lately, but I think today is a good time. A report was leaked that the situation in Iraq is more unstable than ever, and top officials are pessimistic about the country's future. More soldiers are dying every day. Dumbass Dubya is ducking and running over his National Guard...ummm...service (yeah, right). I didn't know you could consider drinking, partying and snorting cocaine up your nose as service. There's a brilliant interview at with one of Dubya's college professors who said ole Dub really was an idiot and even worse, he had dangerous viewponts and was a pathological liar. What a shocker. The professor said Dubya believed Roosevelt's new deal and the Civil Rights Movement were "socialism" and he couldn't distinguish between that and communism. Sigh. What gets me are these die-hard conservatives who go on tv and praise Dubya's intelligence. That says a lot about their smarts...or lack thereof.

I have to admit that I thought Kerry's campaign was adrift after the Republican convention, but he's stepped up and is really hammering away at Dubya. You gotta love Colin Powell for helping to demolish the White House's party line on the war in Iraq. I bet Dubya wanted to lynch Colin. Today, Kerry said, quite succintly, that Bush is "living in a fantasy world" when it comes to Iraq. Wake up, people. Put down the Kool-Aid and vote for Kerry.

Locally, opponents of a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in Georgia filed a lawsuit Thursday in Fulton County Superior Court in an attempt to stop the Nov. 2 vote. The Georgia ACLU, Lambda Legal and several plaintiffs, including State Rep. Tyrone Brooks (D-Atlanta) and state Sen. David Adelman (D-Decatur), contend the ballot question is "deceptive" because the proposed amendment goes further than simply banning same-sex marriage.

The lawsuit also claims the amendment violates the state Constitution because it covers several issues in addition to gay marriage, such as civil unions and the jurisdiction of Georgia courts. Several groups opposing the amendment claim it could threaten domestic partnerships, hospital visitation rights, medical and financial powers of attorney, and parental rights. This amendment cannot be allowed to pass. We cannot let another right be taken away.

America is not a great place to live right now, folks, I'll be honest. Spare me the rhetoric about being un-American. Those who are working to get Dubya out of office, fighting for civil rights, taking to the streets, and asking the hard questions are the greatest Americans I know.


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