STAYING HOME: I left work late this past Friday, got food, rented movies and came home to nest. I watched the masterpiece that is Before Sunset twice and cried both times. The film is the sequel to Before Sunrise with Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke. In the first film, Jessie and Celine meet up one day in Vienna, share a day of conversation, a night of passion and agree to meet up six months later. And that's how Before Sunrise ended. Nine years later, Delpy and Hawke teamed up with director Richard Linklater to write a script that would catch up with Jessie and Celine now. Jessie is now a published author who has written a book about that magical night. He's in Paris signing the book when Celine turns up. Their lives have been haunted by that one night. The script is improvised and feels very real. You feel as if you're following along listening in to their conversation. It's a moving piece of work. I hope they do a third sequel in another ten years.

On Saturday, I stayed in and worked on various projects, but then joined Cecilia Woloch, Cherryl Floyd-Miller and Kodac Harrison for dinner at Gary Corseri's house. His wonderful wife, Yoko, cooked Japanese food and we sat around talking for hours. While I was at dinner, my mother called and said my dad had fallen and scraped his head. He's not doing well with his diabetes, and he's stubborn about going to the doctor.

On Sunday at Java Monkey, Tom Lux was the featured poet. The weather was cold and rainy, but there was a decent sized crowd. I read Credentials and hawked HalfLife Crisis cds. I've sold over a dozen at this point. Pretty good for it just being out a week or so. I'm featuring at Java on Dec. 19, so I hope to sell a good bit more.

Hope everyone has a good turkey day. I'm off work for four days and plan to eat, read and catch up on films. Gobble, gobble.


Anonymous said…
Good to see you the other week. ;) Good luck with your readings and going out to LA.


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