OH, CANADA: Baby it's cold outside (at least here in Atlanta...19 degrees tonight), so curl up and read this lengthy blog entry. I met one of my music/literary idols, got an acceptance for new poetry, found out one of my poems is being published in a Canadian anthology from a respected press, and Conquering Venus is back in play yet again.

On Saturday night I went over to the Red Light Cafe to meet Jane Siberry, the brilliant Canadian musician and poet. I volunteered to work her merchandise table and handle questions from the fans. The Red Light is a very tiny space (it might seat 150...maybe) and the show was totally sold out, with people being turned away at the door. Local musical luminaries like Angela Motter and Emily Sailers from the Indigo Girls were there. Adrienne Pierce opened and joined Jane on several songs. She has a lovely voice. Jane looked amazing and she is one of those artists who not only sounds exactly like she does on her albums, but better. She sang an eclectic selection of hits and non hits from her entire career, including one of my faves "Love Is Everything" from the stellar When I Was A Boy album. After the show, we traded CDs and chatted for a bit. Jane was gracious, down-to-earth and friendly. It's a thrill when your idols and muses turn out to be nice people.

On another Jane note, we are both in the Walking Higher anthology, edited by Alexander Renault. He selected her song "New Year's Baby" and an excerpt from my poem "The Sickroom" to use as chapter introductions. It's a beautiful book, full of essays from gay men who have lost their mothers. The book has been nominated for a Lambda Literary Award, which is very exciting! I'm honored to be included. I've got my fingers crossed for Alexander and the book.

Sunday was the Java Monkey slam and rather than perform, I was a judge, along with Cherryl. It was a hot night of performances. And the scores were so close. This woman named Adriene kicked butt and took the top spot, but the fabulous Theresa Davis also made it to the finals. She has been strong every month during the slam trials for the nationals next summer, but she was on fire Sunday night. Of course, Cherryl and I were cutting up. She makes me smile every time I see her. Melisa Cahnmann was the feature, and she was great as always. We talked about getting some grant money from Poets & Writers to get her down for my open mic/reading at B&N @ Tech.

On Monday, it was a hectic day at work because we are in production, but I also had to fight the hordes mailing holiday presents at the post office to get Conquering Venus in the mail. An editor at Haworth Press asked to see the book for a new series they are doing. I am thrilled about this, but I always temper my excitement. The novel has been in play for years, but I am undaunted. I know it will eventually find a home and an audience. Of course, I am prepared to market the hell out of it to make it an even bigger success than Better To Travel. Last night, I sat on the critique panel for the writing students at the Portfolio Center. We had not only review the writing, but their advertising campaigns as well. Some of the stuff was fantastic and inspired. One kid did a campaign against the FCC censoring radio using that classic image of Johnny Cash flipping a bird. He gave me a copy of it and it's now on my fridge.

So, today I got two great pieces of news: Velvet Mafia is publishing three new poems in February, including "Sex In My Parents' House." But even more exciting is that "Why I Want To Be Pam Grier" will be included in a new anthology from Canada's acclaimed Arsenal Pulp Press called Red Light: Superheroes, Saints & Sluts. Anna Camilleri, the award-winning poet, author and performance artist, is editing the book. I am so excited about this I could levitate. The anthology will explore new interpretations of female icons and will be released in Fall 2005. Canada has been very good to me the last few days. Hmmm...and they're about to vote to approve gay marriage. Double hmmm...

Tonight I'm home, writing this, but about to put my feet up and watch my guilty pleasure, The Amazing Race. Night all!


Anonymous said…
All I can say is congrats and WOW! This has been an amazing year for you. Happy Holidays and good luck in 05.

Anonymous said…
I'll forgive you the reality tv addiction. All great news!

Teamaster said…
Hey. Lucky bastard. Who'd you seel your soul to - and can I have his/her number??? :)


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