Kate Bush, 2005
(47 is the new 25...beautiful as ever)
Thanks to Monty and Potty P. for posting these on the Kate Forum! Both photos are by Trevor Leighton.


Teamaster said…
I always say most women IMPROVE with age!

I think women look best between 35 and 60-something.

Collin said…
Kate is growing into one of those classic beauties like Catherine Deneuve and Jeanne Moreau...beautiful at any age.
Anonymous said…
Hubba, hubba!

Teamaster said…
Another splendid photographic composition of Kate:

Collin said…
Ah, yes, that link provided above leads to a fabulous photo of Kate circa 1982 from the cover of "The Dreaming" album. She's dressed up as Mrs. Houdini, about to pass the small key in her mouth to her husband. This is how Houdini was able to get out of all those underwater boxes. It's also a great line from the song on that album called "Houdini"

"With a kiss, I'd pass the key..."

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