VICE PRESIDENT FOR WAR & TORTURE: Dick "chain of fools" Cheney was called on the carpet earlier today by former state department official Larry Wilkerson, an avowed Republican who says he voted for Dubya twice. Wilkerson, a retired Army Colonel and former Secretary of State Colin Powell's chief of staff, said on CNN today that Cheney and Donald "Rummy" Rumsfeld formed a cabal that "made decisions that the bureaucracy did not know were being made." Well...duh!

Wilkerson claimed that the US had tortured detainees and "prisoners of war" in the past and was probably still doing so under Cheney's guidance. Despite the fact that Dubya has been giving the old "we do not torture" speech all over the globe while he's been, ironically, in China. Cheney's response was typical: "Our country is at war and our government has an obligation to protect the American people from a brutal enemy that has declared war upon us." I wonder if Dickhead could clarify who the enemy is? Is it Al Qaida or those caught up in our illegal invasion of Iraq?

And of course, the administration is trying to turn Sen. John Murtha, a decorated and respected Vietnam veteran, into another cowardly liberal who wants to cut and run from Iraq. Press secretary and all-around-moron Scott McClellan made a hilarious statement about Muthra aligning with Michael Moore's "policy positions" on Iraq. Since when does Michael Moore set policy? If only, Scotty, if only! When you have to resort to lumping someone in with a documentary film director, Scotty, you are truly out of ideas and spin. The administration's attempts to discredit Murtha, who voted for the invasion of Iraq, but now sees (along with the majority of America) that they were duped by the admin's false intelligence, smacks of McCarthyism.

Murtha called the war in Iraq "flawed policy wrapped in illusion." I couldn't have said it better. Let me say it one more time: Bush should be impeached. His whole damn bunch of thugs and cronies should be run out of office and tried for war crimes. Motherfuckers...the whole damn lot of them!


Anonymous said…
Great picture! i was alseep when this was on tv but glad you posted it.


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