WHY I STILL WANT TO BE PAM GRIER: Meeting your idols or muses can sometimes be a disappointing experience. However, I am happy...no thrilled...no FUCKING ECSTATIC to report that Pam Grier is not only still hot, but she's also very, very gracious. Yes, children, that is me and the lady herdamnself in the picture at right (thanks to Tina Miller...who made us both look good) at an event in Atlanta for the third season premiere of the The L Word. Pam was signing copies of the DVDs of the first two seasons, not to mention copies of Jackie Brown, Coffey and anything else folks were bringing up to the table. She was smiling and chatting and hugging everyone and was genuinely excited to be there. A giant line had formed inside the store while we waited for Ms. Grier to arrive. The cheer that went up when she walked through the front door of the Best Buy, wearing a fabulous long orange coat, with L Word creator Ilene Chaiken was deafening.

I presented her with a copy of the Red Light anthology that contains my poem "Why I Want To Be Pam Grier." She actually held up the line to read it, then clutched the book to her chest. She was so sweet I wanted to cry. And just look at her. LOOK AT HER! She's so beautiful. I know...I know...I'm gushing. But this Pam Muthafucking Grier...Foxy Brown herself! And she's excellent in The L Word, too, which premieres this Sunday night on Showtime.

In honor of meeting the muse, here's the poem:

Why I Want To Be Pam Grier

I want to pull a gun out of my hair
and blow your head off.
I want to wear black leather knee high boots
and plant my ten inch heel up your sorry ass.
I want to flim you and flam you and just say
goddamn you,
while I slit your throat with my knife.
I want to be exploited, overworked
and underpaid, but look damn good doing it,
cause I’m always getting laid.
I want to be an idol, a nobody,
a whatever happened to her,
then put on my Kangol hat, my tight black suit,
look better than I did twenty years ago,
and smoke you one more time good and proper.
I want to cross 110th Street with a bag full of cash,
and one last sweet kiss from the man
who actually gave a damn.
I want to drive away into the morning light,
headed for Spain, hurting like hell,
but with my head up
and the taste of him on my lips.


Bookfraud said…
omigod. you are the luckiest, most ass-kickin' m-fucker on the planet. pam grier and a POEM about pam grier -- awesome. i'm really am in awe.
Collin said…
I'm in awe, too. Everytime I look at the photo, I start giggling like an idiot. It was quite surreal.
That's f*cking incredible, Collin. What a way to start the New Year!

A dream. A poem. A life.

Now, I'm gonna get to writing a poem about a million dollars and see what happens!!! ;-)
nolapoet said…
Worth a thousand words. Worth a thousand words!

Anonymous said…
Hi Collin
Lisa Allender here, saying:
CONGRATULATIONS!!You both look great...Pam Grier is sooo hot!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh, Loookityoutwo!!!!
OH, that's the best picture evah (at first, I thought you maybe had your arm down her shirt, but that's MY fantasy, I'm projecting hahaha.
What a gorgeous way to start a new year. I'll bet she'll read that anthology, too.
Yayness!!!!~karen g.
Anonymous said…
so glad you got to meet her!

Kate Evans said…
I love the energy of this poem!

I'm glad I found your site. I'm sure to be a regular lurker.
Collin said…
Thanks, Kate. I'll be lurking, and posting, on yours as well.
jenni said…
Yea, glad I found it too. Loved the poem.

I want to be exploited, overworked
and underpaid, but look damn good doing it,
cause I’m always getting laid.

Hee heee! amen brother!
Emily Lloyd said…
How cool that you met her--but even MORE cool that you gave her the poem. I bet it was the best thing that happened to her on the whole fabulous trip--what a gift you gave her, C!
BlueTattoo said…
Excellent piece. Enjoyed it much.

Ms. Grier is breathtaking...a black Ava Gardner, I think. I think I'll go listen to Sinatra.

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