ATLANTA RAINBOW MUSE DEBUT: After a number of months of quiet work behind the scenes, I'm excited to announce a new online literary journal called Atlanta Rainbow Muse. The journal is the brainchild of Franklin Abbott and has been designed by Stanley Fong. The debut issue, edited by Franklin, will feature new poetry by me, Robin Kemp, Lisa Allender, Theresa Davis, Dustin Brookshire, Tony Ambush, Linda Weiskoff, Duncan Teague, Lary Corse, Brad Fairchild and a column by Diamond Lil. There will also be a resources page and, eventually, a forum where members can sign up to dicuss writing, publishing, promotion, etc. with a queer perspective. I'll be moderating the forum and I'll also be guest editing a future edition.

Atlanta Rainbow Muse will update quarterly (and possibly more often in the future), but the forum will always be open and new links and resources will be updated regularly. For our first year, we will solicit work and seek submissions primarily from Atlanta and Georgia, but will branch out later to include work from around the country and, hopefully, the world. Atlanta has a rich and talented group of glbtq writers and poets, so we want to showcase them first.

The online journal will get its public debut tonight at the National Poetry Month reading at Outwrite Books at 8 p.m. and will go live later this week.

UPDATE: The site is live at It's still a work in progress, so be kind to any mistakes.


jenni said…
hey, cool! Like the idea of a discussion too.
Charles said…
Congratulations! That's a great idea. Lots of luck to you all.

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