IN AUSTIN: Arrived in Austin this afternoon to monsoon least the temperature is moderate. I'm sitting in Ruta Maya Coffee House on South Congress, just fresh from the opening ceremony/buffet. Got to hear a great selection of international poets over our Tex-Mex meal: Zang Er, Eddie Tay, Logan Phillips, Marian Haddad and many more. I have my first reading tonight at 10 p.m. here at Ruta Maya. I'll be reading with the great Suzy Lafollette and the Brits...can't seem to get away from them! I adore them, so it's a treat.

The reading/open mic last night in San Antonio was good, but we sold no copies of Slow To Burn, which was disappointing. Tanya is setting up a MetroMania Press table here at Ruta Maya, so hopefully the books will find their way into loving hands.

I'm off for now. More tomorrow!


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