NOTES FROM UNDERFOOT: Here's the cover for the 2006 di-verse-city Anthology that will be released during the Austin International Poetry Festival. Gorgeous! One of my poems, What I'm Wearing, is in here, so I can't wait to get my mits on a copy. Amazing that AIPF is just a couple weeks away. The year is flying.

Speaking of flying, Slow To Burn is selling well. I am so thrilled about this, and I've yet to do a single appearance. I've been asked to send copies for reviews and features, so those should start appearing in the coming weeks.

On Saturday, I do my first official gig for Slow To Burn at the Georgia Writers Association meeting. I'll be reading with Jenny Sadre-Orafai starting at 2:30 p.m. at the Dunwoody Library. Check the website at for more information. If you're in Atlanta and reading this, come on out. Jenny's a great poet and I'm eager to start reading material from the chapbook. On Tuesday, April 11, I'll be giving a a reading at Outwrite Books in Midtown Atlanta with Alice Lovelace, Theresa Davis, Stan D. and Franklin Abbott. This is to celebrate National Poetry Month and the readings at Outwrite are always a hoot. The area where we read is surrounded by a a wall of windows, so the busy 10th Street/Piedmont Avenue intersection is our backdrop. You never know who is going to stop and stare in at you, make rude gestures or knock on the glass. It starts at 7 p.m. sharp so come out for great poetry and a laugh or two.

I was sad to see Mandisa leave American Idol last night, because she was one of my favorites, but she sealed her fate with bad song choices, too many shout-outs to Jesus and was dogged by a false rumor that spread over the internet that she was homophobic. You know the gays weren't having that shit. Her remarks were taken out of context...what a shock...and I think the cumulative effect shut her out last night. Paris will suffer the same fate. I'm so sick of her perky, fake ass. And she was one of my favorites in the beginning. Of course the real reason to watch AI is to see if Paula Abdul will show up sober and make anything approaching a coherent remark. She was so loaded Tuesday night she was about to slip under the table. Simon's look is priceless. Lawd, I love's me some reality TV.


jenni said…
Paula is a pill popper. That glazed look comes from pain killers, I'd bet. She seems to me like the codeine type.

So you think it's a rumor, taken out of context? You may be right but those fundamentalists...I dunno...
M. Ru Pere said…
hey - a big shout out and congrats on the roll-out of Slow to Burn and the Di-verse anthology. It's a tough Po World out there but strong work, like cream, always rises . . . oops, a SWM just said "cream" on yer blog . . but seriously, save me a copy of S2B!
Collin said…
Jenni - I don't know...she might be a pill popper. She does seem to have manic highs and lows. All I know is she's under the influence when she's on air. Ryan's snarky comment about somone having a flask at the judge's desk sent up red flags though.

M. Ru Pere - Thank you, kind sir. You know I'll have a copy of STB for you. Hope to see you at Poetry at Portfolio Center tomorrow night for Chelsea Rathburn's feature spot!

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