DEMOCRACY IN IRAQ? While Dubya and his band of warmongers continue to try and sell the idea that "democracy is on the march" (Dubya should have that phrase trademarked) in Iraq, disturbing news has emerged in the last few weeks of a fatwa issued by a Shia cleric that all, women and now children...should be killed in the most violent way. Today, The Independent in London reported that a 14-year-old boy was killed for being a homosexual on the doorstep of his home in Baghdad.

Is this democracy? Are our troops going to get involved? Is Dubya going to say a word about it? Of course not. If there was any justice or democracy, these religious butchers would be rounded up by our troops and jailed. How can this administration continue to crow about freedom and democracy in Iraq when it allows these murders? The US doesn't want to meddle with the new government (although it created the new government, and had no problem disposing of the old one), and has ordered US troops not to get involved. It's absolutely sickening and yet another indication of our absolute failure and misunderstanding of what is really going on in the Middle East. Read the story in The Independent at the link below.


Peter said…
Oh gawd, this is awful. When will it end? I am counting the days till this nincompoop of a President is out.
michi said…
sickening indeed.
this has all been one big farce since it began. ugh.


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