THE FIRST REVIEW IS IN: Many thanks to David Herrle at SubtleTea for his review of Slow To Burn. SubtleTea has been a big supporter for years now, and although David is a fan of my work, I can always count on him break it down thoroughly...which he does in this review. He obviously read the book cover to cover...several times...and got all the links, imagery and metaphors. He even connected a few things together that I hadn't thought about. What I can say is that this group of poems "felt right" when I was compiling it for the chapbook. As with Better To Travel, there is a thematic link and I think this will always be the case with my poems. All my recent work explores the past to add context to things I've already written. It's forming a new narrative arc that will eventually culiminate with another full collection of poetry. When? Not sure. In the meantime, enjoy Slow To Burn.

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michi said…
hi collin - came here via jenni's blog. wow, excellent review of what seems to be a very interesting and well-written collection of poetry. i might just have to get me one of those books ...

saw that you mentioned "portrait of a lady" among your favourite films - jane campion, i assume. i adore her movies, wrote my master's thesis on sweetie, angel at my table, and the piano.

good luck with your writing,

Collin said…
Thanks for posting, Michi. Yes, I'm a huge fan of Jane Campion's work...esp. Portrait of a Lady and Angel At My Table. Two of the most brilliant films ever made. I haven't been very happy with Campion's last couple of films..the one with Winslet and In The Cut with Meg Ryan. They don't come close to her other work.
Anonymous said…
That is one of the most rambling reviews Ive ever read, but he does do a pretty good job of sniffing out all your recurring themes. ITs a good thing your parents never tied you to a chair or Sharonda Olds would be out of a job. ;-)


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