THERE IN SPIRIT: I was supposed to be in London this past weekend for a reunion of friends and fans of Kate Bush, but was unable to make it due to scheduling for book promotion and work. Readers of the blog will remember that last November, I went to London for the release party of Kate's album Aerial and we had a brilliant time at Ivy House. A good number of those folks gathered again on May 6 for, from all accounts, another brilliant evening. Kate's longtime engineer, recordist, guitarist Del Palmer even put in an appearance! Since I couldn't be there, my friend Tina brought along a photo of me she took last year so that I would "be there in spirit." Thanks, Tina! You are a sweetheart! I'll be heading back to the UK at the end of October for a one-year reunion and, hopefully, a few readings. I can't wait to see all my UK mates again.


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