GETTING BUSY: After a fairly quiet and relaxing weekend, where I managed to revise two poems (many thanks to Harper for the always excellent input) and begin getting my novel, Conquering Venus, ready to send back out to three publishers. I needed to take myself out of the loop for a bit (and thanks to those who made that possible) so I could get some much needed work done and clear my head. While working this weekend, I stumbled upon a new photo of Jeanne Moreau from her latest film in France, Le Temps qui Reste. The character of Irenne Lareaux in my novel is based on her, and I've always hoped that if Conquering Venus was made into a film, Jeanne Moreau would play Irenne. Just look at her! She's 78(!?!) but looks half that. Internet Movie Database also made my year (quite possibly) by announcing that Jeanne's latest film, Broken English, has her co-starring with Parker Posey and Gena Rowlands. If that's not the best cast ever assembled for a film, I don't know what is. Je t'aime, Madame Moreau.

Let's see...what else is going on? This Friday is the Bloomsday celebration at The Composition Gallery in Candler Park. I'll be reading something from Ulysses, but haven't decided what. I guess I should get on that. I'll have more info about the event tomorrow or Wednesday.

Oh, and shhhhhh...don't tell anyone...I watched three World Cup games this weekend and was on the edge of my seat. Not sure if it's the simplicity of following football (that's soccer for the rest of you) or the cute, sweaty boys (hello, Mr. Beckham!), but I was enthralled. Was glad to see England pull off a victory by the skin of its teeth. Today, the US team was handed its ass by the Czech Republic, 3-0.


Anonymous said…
What about Christiano Ronaldo? He's hotter than Beckham...and younger.

bookfraud said…
jeanne moreau is 78? and looks like that? there's something in that french wine.

what about that bald tall dude for the czechs? and bruce arena, the us coach? and why shouldn't we tell anyone you watched the wc? it's only you and 1.1 billion other people watching...
Collin said…
Have you seen Catherine Deneuve or Isabelle Adjani? They are both like 900 years old and still like 20somethings. There must be something in the gene pool for sure. Look at Juliette Binoche. She'll still be a stunner when she's 80.

As for the World Cup, us gays aren't supposed to get too excited about sports. It's like on some list that I lost. I'm not a good dresser nor do I eat healthy or go clubbing. I've probably been excommunicated as a gay at this point. ;)
Rosemary Down Under said…
Poets neither (of any orientation) - but yay the Socceroos!

(And yes, Jeanne Moreau is wonderful.)

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