MODERN CONFESSIONAL: A reporter recently asked me how I would describe my poetry. I tossed off, "modern confessional." That term has so many meanings to me, and since this blog is my personal "confessional" I thought it was about time to lose the "other official website" tag. I'm writing new poetry, which is more confessional (and somtimes erotic) than ever. The novel is going back out, and it's semi-autobiographical. I'm ready to let it all hang out. It's summer...I'm feeling feisty!


jenni said…
Good for you! It always cracks me up when people use the word "confessional" to describe poetry in a condescending way--as if writing about what you know and have experienced is anything new or something to be ashamed about.

Shame on you for writing about your experiences! For crying out loud, write about things you don't know anything about, and that we can't decipher, so that we can all be bored to tears!

Rosemary Down Under said…
Can we have a definition of Modern Confessional? I'd like to be able to claim it when people ask me what sort of poetry I write, instead of saying, 'Oh, er, well, all kinds' - but I'm not quite sure if I qualify. :)

Who else would you see as exemplifying the genre? What's the distinction between modern and just plain confessional?

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