HELL TO THE NO: So, this week I was ready to go buy myself a shiny, new apple green iPod nano. Then yesterday, Steve Jobs and his Apple minions unveiled the new iPhone instantly making any iPod you own obsolete. Today, I decided fuck this shit, man, I ain't gonna keep shelling out money when the minute you buy something it's old technology. I spent a small fortune upgrading my vinyl and cassettes to CDs, and while I love the convenience of downloading music from iTunes, I don't need an iPod to listen to it. You can take those songs and burn them onto a shiny new CD-R, which most new CD players will play just fine. Sure, I'd love to have a nano and I'm practically salivating over the iPhone, but the truth is I can't afford it. Okay, I can afford a nano, but I can't afford to replace it every year or two when the bigger (or in iPod's case, smaller) and better comes along. At some point in 2007 I am going to have to buy a new laptop because old Bessie here is grinding her hard drive a little too much these days and the release of Vista by Windows will make the buggy XP obsolete. Sorry, Apple, you're not getting my money anytime soon. I will not be moved. On the other hand, if one of you kindly readers would like to donate an iPod (even the little shuffle), I wouldn't say no.

Tonight, Dubya is going to announce his plan to send 21,000 more troops to Iraq in an attempt to "win" the war. It appears the lessons of Vietnam are lost on this administration. We have now been in Iraq longer than we were in WW II and we've lost more than a dozen US troops in just the first 10 days of 2007. The Democrats, as usual, are dithering on what to do and can't formulate any kind of Plan B. Even some Republicans are questioning Dubya's move, but Dubya ain't paying any attention. He's gonna "win" in Iraq if he has to kill every last civilian in the country. I can't help but think of that quote from the film Nixon when Howard Hunt (played by Ed Harris) describes the president as "the darkness reaching out for the darkness."


we should get a group of poets to go tour iraq, it needs some poetry... want to do it with me?
Collin said…
I'm just trying to imagine the soldiers' faces as I read "Sex In My Parents' House" about my boyfriend sodomizing me on mom's shag carpet. Somehow I think we'd end up on some deserted Baghdad road as insurgent fodder.
Anonymous said…
Im buying that iphone or whatever they're going to call it since another company is suing Apple over the name. That is the coolest phone ever. I dont' care if I have to go hook on Sunset.

You in Iraq? HAHAHAHA!

Bookfraud said…
go ahead an buy the nano -- the iphone won't be ready for prime time for a couple of years. in my humble opinion. (and the iphone only has 8GB of hard drive, which makes me wonder just how many movies you're going to watch on it).

great speech with bush, huh? every time i think he's hit a new low, that he can't disgust me any further, he manages to do just that. quite a talent, if you ask me.

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