American Idol - Sanjaya Rocks the Pony-Hawk

I went back and listened to Sanjaya sing "Bathwater" again this morning and other than scrambling some of the words, his vocal was no worse than Haley's piss-poor "True Colors" and he wasn't out of breath like Chris Sligh. Sadly, no one listens to him anymore -- it's all about his hair, race and sexuality. I said last night in the recap that the hair was a big middle finger to all the haters, but so is the song. I forgot about the lyric, "I don't fit in so why do you want me?"


Anonymous said…
He looks like he probably has a hot little bod under those baggy clothes. You know I like them skinny. If he cut off the mop he'd probably be so much hotter.

Poor guy - even though this song is bad for him to sing (just not the right key, tune, style, you name) you can tell through it that he is probably not a bad singer at all, and might actually do well in a band (not a boy band, a regular band). His voice has character, not like a lot of contestants who really do sound like me at the karaoke bar.
Collin said…
I think he's gonna sail through again tonight. According to a couple of websites that try and track phone calls, Sanjaya is in the top four. I have a feeling that it's Haley's night to go home or maybe Chris Sligh.
Jennifer said…
I was at school with my students until late last night, so I only just watched my TiVo of last night's show. Sanjaya is fucking with all of us, and I love it!!!I wish he would have sung "Hollaback Girl" too. That would have been badass! Paula so wants to hump young Blake! Jack Osborne has let me down in a big way. I hope they kick his fat fanny off tonight. It would be nice to see Haley Ho bite the dust a well.

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