Bjork - Earth Intruders (Live on SNL)

I can't get this song out of my head. The beat is hypnotic, and I loved the female backing singers/brass section on her SNL peformance last weekend. The new album Volta is out in a couple of weeks. One definition of volta: a sudden change in thought, direction, or emotion near the conclusion of a sonnet.

Thanks to everyone who has voted for me as 2007 Poet of the Blogosphere. Competition continues through Sunday, so be sure to cast your vote. I promise to serve you faithfully. :)


Anonymous said…
I dont know dawg...its just alright for me. LOLOLOL

she's fucked up
Rupert said…
Bjork is omnipresent in the UK, at least in little coffee/tea shops run by the pierced - gurlfriend's wailing seems to be on a tape-loop
btw, what is going to be your first act as Poet Laur of the B'sphere?
why not pull a Jorie Graham and publish everybody who voted for you twice, lmao?
michi said…
i adore the woman.
and we share a birthday. :)

if you become poet laureate, will there be a party for everyone who voted for you? that's the least you can do, don't you think? :)

Collin said…
Rupert, actually, I've been toying with starting an online literary journal to publish all my friends. :)

Michi, we'll have a poly-global, rave-happening. Contact my PR rep, Ms. Edina Monsoon in London. Ask for her assistant Bubble.
Robert said…
Bjork: the Christopher Smart of modern pop. Boy is she still ever brilliantly weird.

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