In Memoriam: Michelangelo Antonioni

Another favorite director has passed. Antonioni was the brilliant mind behind Blow Up, L'avventura, Zabriskie Point and many other classics. From the BBC.


That's a great picutre of Antonioni.

It's so hard to believe that he and Bergman are gone. I somehow believed that they both were immortal. And couldn't imagine either of them dying.
Rupert said…
yes, Blow-Up! Vanessa Redgrave's rack on display in a theatre! So um . . . shocking! in late 60s. Plus the Yardbirds gigging - that clip now a staple . . . and that editing scene in the darkroom where David Hemmings sees the body - or does he . . . even at 18 i "got it" how reality is just pixiles . . . or is it . . .
Collin said…
Sam...At least we have these indelible images to keep us warm. I just realized I never saw "Sarabande", so I've moved it to the top of my Netflix queue.

Rupert...Yes, Blow Up is an amazing document of that period in "swinging London." It's a perfect film.

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