Annie Lennox looks and sounds just as fabulous as ever on her new single "Dark Road" from the forthcoming album, Songs of Mass Destruction. It's out in October.

I nearly burst into tears when I saw on Jilly's blog that Margaret Atwood has a new book of poetry -- her first in 12 years -- coming out in September. It's already out in the UK and getting reviews. Her last collection, Morning in the Burned House, is one of the most beautiful collections of poetry ever written, so I cannot wait to see what The Door has in store for us.

One of the most beautiful films ever made is Terrence Malick's Days of Heaven, and just in time for Christmas it's getting the glorious Criterion treatment. Read this fascinating blog entry on how Criterion worked with Malick and Paramount to create a new negative and do complicated color correction. This will definitely be in my stocking.


Anonymous said…
Annie L. looks beautiful.

jeannine said…
Pretty psyched about Atwood's new poetry volume too (although half of me says, is that chick writing a frickin' book every six months or what? Take a vacation now and then, I'm getting poor buying all that paper!)
Collin said…
J, yes Atwood does seem to be churning out the work these days -- short stories, novellas, essays, etc. It used to be ages between her books. However, her poetry is always so special. I just can't wait. I may have to order the UK version to get it early.
I'm looking forward to all three, Collin, but especially Days of Heaven. And Atwood, of course.

Also, in November, Criterion is releasing Fassbinder's Berlin Alexanderplatz and Bergman's Sawdust and Tensil.
jenni said…
Love Lennox and can't wait for the Atwood!!!!
Oh! I love Atwood - I can't wait!
Robert said…
Hmm... perhaps I should swing by Foyles... :)
Oh yes, crazy about both Lennox and Atwood - and in the latter case I do mean the wonderful poetry.

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