Weekend Music: I Know There's Something Going On - Frida

Frida's big solo hit from 1982 after ABBA broke up. Love Phil Collins drumming in this. That 80s beat is unmistakable.


Lisa Allender said…
Brought a SMILE to my face. Thanks, Coll!
Anonymous said…
I have a great remix of this on a cd. Its very trance, but those great drums remain.

Oh my god I had completely forgotten about this song! I love it!

Also: hang in on the rejections. There used to be a season, now I just get them sort of regularly. Just remember this: Barbra Streisand got rejected like a million times. It's all about finding the right audience to love you. The gays ALWAYS knew....
Collin said…
That's an interesting comparison. Me and Babs. lol
michi said…
oh god yes! :)

my mp3 player picked abba three times today.


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