NASAL SPRAY ADDICT: It's official - I have a horrible cold. It's been lingering for a few days, but this weekend it has almost knocked me out. My head is so stuffed up that I've been funneling Afrin up my nose like it's going out of style. I'm drinking juice, taking vitamins and trying to get it to pass over so I can go to a New Year's Eve party tomorrow night. 

On the upside, my Macbook is up and running with a new ethernet modem. It blazes. On the downside, I may have to buy Microsoft Word for Mac because the version I...ummm...borrowed from work is old and no longer supported by Mac. That sucks major ass. I looked online and discovered that Word for Mac costs $200! What the fuck?! This Mac has the new iLife 08 suite and a program called Pages that translates Word, but after playing with it for a bit, I noticed it doesn't translate perfectly. I have hundreds and hundreds of documents in Word, so I may have to bite the bullet on this. If anyone has a full version of Word for Mac they would like to share, do let me know.

Back on the upside, ideas for poems are bubbling just like the snot in my nose. I had a Tylenol Cold and Flu-induced dream last night about being in a beach house with white furniture and walls lined with glass windows. The floor was covered in bright red tiles, which I discovered was blood when I walked across it my bare feet. It felt so warm.


Anne said…
...ideas for poems are bubbling just like the snot in my nose.

OH. MY. GOD. That should win some prize for Most Disgusting Description of Poetic Inspiration Ever.

(And I can relate just a bit too well! Sniffle, snuffle, achoo...)
Jilly said…
Just download NeoOffice. It's free.
Anonymous said…
That is so gross about your snot. Thanks for that image.

Get the studen/teacher edition of Office for Mac if you have to. It's a lot less.

Lisa Allender said…
Yuck...on the poetry bubbling to the surface like the snot...
but it reminds me of something I used to say, when something worked "immediately", in writing poetry.I used to say
"Sometimes, it (the poem)comes up, and out, whole, like a regurgitated peach pit, or something.Whole.Not in pieces."
Also yuck, yes? My rather ick-y reference led to a discussion on how writing IS very physical--much like "coughing up" something that's been "dormant" awhile.(like a cold).

Your dream sounds pretty to see some of that in a poem!
jeannine said…
Oh, hope you feel better soon! I too have recently been on an Afrin-bender. Nothing helps. I think I have been drinking my weight in tea and chicken soup.
I think your dream would make a good poem too!
Dustin said…
CK... make sure not to use Afrin for more than 3 days in a row... after that you have to take a break from it.....

Looking forward to the poems!
Pris said…
No fair. You get all the good dreams!:-)

So you have this dadblasted cold, too.

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