AMERICAN IDOL 7 - OMAHA: This is probably going to the shortest Idol recap ever. I'm not even sure why they bothered to give Omaha an entire hour, when it could have been wrapped in about 30 minutes. Out of 10,000 people they only picked 19 to go to Hollywood and in a reversal, they showed the majority of the ones Randy, Paula and Simon chose. I've heard through the blogvine that the producers are trying a kinder, gentler approach and not showing as many mentally challenged people this season, and Simon is practically a teddy bear. Snooze.

One thing I have noticed is that this season is rife with homos. They must be breeding them in the cornfields in Omaha, because it was a mo-rific hour, starting with Chris Bernheisel (pictured), who came mincing into the audition room with stuffed animals for the judges and pictures of him with Kelly Clarkson. He butchered Since You Been Gone, did handstands and jumped around like an idiot. When they told him he didn't make it, he begged to be a reporter for his local Fox station on the red carpet at the finale. They said he could and he went screaming from the room like a little girl. 

Jason Rich was a cute farm boy who couldn't remember the words to When You Say Nothing At All, but finally pulled it together and was put through to Hollywood. This was followed by a montage of other people who screwed up their lyrics. Check my pulse. Yawn.

Rachel Wicker was a professional arm rassler' and challenged everyone in the lobby including Ryan Gaycrest, who flashed an impressive bicep. Girrrrrl, you been workin' out? Rachel could actually sing (although in that country yodel that won't get her far) and they put her through. Then there was former professional wrestler Sarah Whitaker, a chubby goth chick wearing all leather and scaring everyone with her maniacal laugh. Couldn't sing a note. Shock.

There was so little to do in this episode, they killed 10 minutes by having Gaycrest switch with Paula to judge, then there was a montage of people who went to Hollywood, a montage of rockers who all want to be Daughtry and Angelica, who was estranged from her father and just wanted to prove she was good enough, damn it! They sent her to Hollywood. Gag. 

The show closed with a quick montage of freaks who couldn't sing and back to back gays -- Jimmy Escamilla and Leo Marlowe. Jimmy was wearing a cheap gold jacket and trying to dance like James Brown. He looked like he had a combo of tourette's and epilepsy and both were hitting him full force. Leo, who's mom called him the "homecoming queen," was cute in a dorky way, had a good voice and got through to H'wood. That was the show.

Tomorrow night it's on to Miami. It had better be a solid hour of the biggest lunatics ever to make up for tonight.


Lisa Allender said…
Oh, I LOVED Leo--he was kinda goofy I think.... But so open & cuuuute! And he could really sing, too!
Here's hopin' Wednesday night will be more amusing!
I'll be listening to John Edwards on Wednesday night(at Georgia World Congress Center, 8:00 P.M.), but I'll TiVo American Idol, so I have the back-story before I click on your Blog, Coll!!
Anonymous said…
The first gay was kinda cute if he would have just kept his mouth closed. It was a sucky night of Idol for the most part.

jenni said…
Your recap crack me up. I'm not going to watch this year until they've got the final 34 or whatever it is. These auditions are such a yawn.
Howard said…
Watch that Leo. He's gonna go far. The dude had star quality.

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