Thirty years ago today, Kate Bush's career began with the release of her classic single, Wuthering Heights.  She has been the soundtrack of my life. Thank you, Kate. For more about the anniversary, visit Kate Bush News & Information, which is celebrating 10 years of being the source for all things Kate on the web.


ButtonHole said…
Oh, I LOVE Kate Bush! I can't believe it's been 30 years since Wuthering Heights was released. What a great song. That's probably my favorite on The Kick Inside, but I also love "Room for the Life," "The Kick Inside," and "Oh to be in Love." I read some of the FAQ's on the web site you linked, and the answers to "why doesn't she tour?" seem to hedge a bit, trying to make her decision sound "creativity-oriented." But I heard that she was just pathologically terrified of flying. Have you heard this? But didn't she host SNL once, years ago?

Thanks for the Kate news!
Collin said…
Kate has said often that enjoys performing but would rather be creating music rather than out promoting it. She did the one big world tour back in the late 70s and it was a huge production. She had considered a tour for The Red Shoes album but scrapped it. She hasn't ruled out a tour or some shows at some point, but we're not waiting up nights.

I think she got over her fear of flying some time ago. Now I think she just doesn't enoy it...but who does?
Anonymous said…
Wow. Thirty years. Hard to believe. Of course I didn't know about her until the Peter Gabriel collaboration. But captivating immediately. Thanks for posting this.
I hate to break up the love-fest, but I have a feeling she's an acquired taste.
Collin said…
Have you acquired a taste for Kate, Kate? :)
I remember the very first time I heard this from a transistor radio at the side of my bed as I was waking up, so it was almost as though I'd dreamed it. Then in the day I heard a french girl singing "a-wazezoo, a-wazezoo, a-wazezoo" and I realised she was singing Wuthering Heights.
M. RuPere said…
lol at "a-wazezoo,"
what an amazing vid - I'd never seen it even tho this song made me buy The Kick Inside in 80 or whenever
she's so over the top in this performance, but it totally works
then i watched the rest of the youtube wuthering hts covers - esp liked the Puppini Sisters' take
Not exactly...but Annie has! (pun?!)

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