You're Either In...Or You're Out

Hillary's landslide last night in the primaries was inevitable, and like I said a few months ago, never count out the Clintons. They know the territory, they know how to schmooze, they know how to fight. Obama made some big mistakes in the last few weeks, including the ill-conceived mailers about Clinton's healthcare plan and NAFTA, which Hillary turned back on him. She was also funny as hell on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Obama also seemed to be resting on his laurels after winning 12 primaries in a row. He thought he had a lock on the nomination and now it could easily slip through his fingers. If this contest goes all the way to the convention floor, Hillary just might be the nominee after all.

As for the scary Republicans, McCain is in. That means Fuckabee is out. Auf wiedersehen.


Lisa Allender said…
I dunno....
This "fighter" term was actually coined originally, just after the Texas debate(# 19)by David Gergen, who said she(Hillary) accidentally came upon a term that would bode well for her, if she started emphasizing she's a "...'Fighter', rather than continually saying she is the most experienced. It resonates..."
And then, viola', Hillary in the 20th debate(in Ohio), started saying I'm a "fighter" this, "fighter" that. Immediately following the debate, several other analysts in the media started saying how brilliant it is that she's calling herself "the fighter that she is..".
I have no problem with Hillary doing well, but I hate this very media-driven "tag line" that she has adopted.
You're right though, Coll, she was indeed hilarious on SNL--her timing was impeccable. I daresay, if this politics thing doesn't work out, she could have a whole new career as an actor/comedienne!
But I'm still an OBAMA-woman.
Anonymous said…
Project Runway finale is on tonight but I guess you know that. Im also still backing BO.

DeadMule said…
I'll will say this, of the scary Republicans, McCain is the least scary.

And I'm for Hillary.
Collin said…
I can't disagree with you on that, although I think Rudy G. was actually the least scary. But he was a liberal in conservative clothing.
Anonymous said…
Collin - everybody and their mother has been on SNL and I just kept saying "Hillary NEEDS to go on SNL right now because THAT'S the demographic she lacks!" Finally!

I am reading Obama's dreams of my father right now and it is fairly good. I will support either of them, but no mater who gets the nom, one teeny piece of me will feel said. All I can hope for is a hillary/obama ticket.
wondermachine said…
Hillary won by playing scumball with as much negative race-baiting. Of course, as is usually the case, it only comes out after the fact.

Now it turns out the NAFTA attacks on Obama were actually turned around -- with the Canadian government admitting that it was actually the Clinton campaign that contacted their government. How's about that for gutter politics.

I'm a combination of pissed and disgusted all at once. I hope he takes the gloves off an goes after her. I'm sick of it. Seriously. The Clintons need to release their tax returns and she needs to defend the most insidious McCain loving things she's said the last few days.
Collin said…
Hillary's scare tactics -- releasing the photo of Obama in tribal clothing when he visited Africa and that new commercial where she's answering the "doomsday" phone -- are sure to ramp up as the contest goes on. There are things we don't know about Obama that I'm sure both Hillary and McCain's teams are trying to uncover. I think we'll be moving from the gutter to the sewer before this is all over.
wondermachine said…
Hey Collin,
I realized I hadn't really given examples to argue the points in my last comment.
Keith Olbermann had a great wrap up of the Clinton NAFTA presto-chango that REALLY has to be seen.
It's on YouTube here:
I might post it on my blog, except after such a long hiatus it'd be a weird coming back post. ;-)

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