Update on Shannon Leigh

I received word yesterday that the wonderful spoken word poet Shannon Leigh, a member of Atlanta's Art Amok slam team going to the nationals in August, was in a terrible diving accident in Florida this past weekend. She is in critical condition at a hospital in Gainesville. Here is a news story published in the Gainesville Sun about her accident. She is unable to have visitors, except for immediate family, and cannot yet receive cards, flowers, etc. Spare a thought for Shannon and her recovery. I'll post an address up here as soon as I have it. You can read, and hear, Shannon at her MySpace page at this link.


Maggie May said…
oh ... this is very sad. i will put a prayer out there for her.

she's very young, that's on her side. youth helps recovery greatly.
i hope she makes a full recovery
Lisa Allender said…
Prayers and Good Wishes to her family, and to her, and her healing quickly. Please keep us updated, Coll.
M. RuPere said…
Crazy, shocking news - I just saw her do a very strong feature set at Java 2 weeks ago - I can feel her strength tho, she's a survivor - thanks for the update
That's amazing--she was brought back to life by her rescuers.
That's sad news, Collin. Thoughts & prayers.
Anonymous said…
Brief update, Blake is going to put up a site with a donations function soon and I'll give that to you immediately. Shannon is fortunately covered, but it's expensive to keep her family far from home.
This morning's news was good.Her neurologists came back with brain function tests that say she's good in there. I like how Blake put it "she still has all her poems." She's still unconscious, but the brain function reports give us the best sign that she'll come out on the other side of this okay.
PHEW ICU is a rollercoaster ride.

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