Obama Has An Economic Plan; McCain's Got Zilch

Obama continues to steamroll past McCain in the polls and today he trounced Angry Johnny again by giving more details about his economic plan to revive the middle class. McCain's camp had been promising all weekend that today would be the "turning point" and gramps even stoked the base by saying he was going to whip Obama's "you know what" in the debate Wednesday night. 

So, McCain gets on the stump today and says Obama's measuring curtains for the White House, the media has written off McCain/Palin and that he has Obama "right where we want him." Ummm....I guess that would mean Obama in the White House and McCain back in the senate and Palin bundled off to Alaska to never to be heard from again. Right, Johnny? Oh, why the hell am I asking him. To paraphrase Truvy from Steel Magnolias, McCain doesn't know whether to scratch his watch or wind his butt. 

McCain didn't utter a word about the economy, just more crazy soundbites as McCain's supporters continue to jump ship in droves. Even William Kristol, one of the biggest neocon tit suckers ever, wrote an op-ed piece calling for McCain to fire his entire campaign. Doh! 

Today, Palin made an hilarious gaffe at stump speech in Richmond, Va. when she dressed down her own supporters because they were calling for her to speak louder because they couldn't hear her in the back. "I hope those protesters have the courage and honor to give veterans thanks for their right to protest," Palin said, as a flustered handler ran up to whisper in her ear that they were her supporters. She is a total joke. 

Go, Obama, Go!!!

Photo courtesy New York Times.


nolapoet said…
I just caught a glimpse, but I think that frustrated handler was hubby.
Collin said…
I only caught a glimpse, too, so maybe it was him. I don't really need to know what he looks like because after Nov. 4 I'll never see him again. :-)
Lisa Allender said…
It is getting HILARIOUS, kids.
I'm becoming very releived, but uh, as you warned me Coll on Sunday, we need not get"complacent". I don't take anything for granted. In fact, the Dems are asking us ALL to VOTE EARLY--because of an expected very heavy turnout, if many of us vote early, then on November 4th, the NEW VOTERS(many who are young, and predominantly Democrats!), or the VOTERS WHO FOR THE FIRST TIME FINALLY GOT REGISTERED(working-class, previously non-political types, again, these folks skew Democrat)will have an easier time of it.
We surely DO NOT want long lines causing any folks to get flustered, and leave without voting(many lower-income workers have to go to work, and might not hang around).VOTE EARLY!
Lisa Allender said…
uh, that should read: relieved
ButtonHole said…
That is so funny about Palin! In a perverse sort of way, I'm gonna miss her.

or I HOPE I'm gonna miss her! Meaning she won't be front/center in DC.

These stooges almost make W look good. What kinda feat is THAT??
Joel Odom said…
It seems to me that McCain and Obama both have the same fiscal plan: tax and spend. There doesn't seem to be any good choice for the conservatives among us.
Go bama!!!

See you tonight, Collin. :)

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