Rachel Maddow Calls Palin A Liar - Because She Is

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow blasted away at Sarah Palin last night as the governor continues to deny she violated any ethics laws in Alaska, despite a bipartisan report that she most certainly did. Just because you say it didn't happen, doesn't make it so, Hockey Mom. It's sorta like McCain saying over and over again that Obama wants to raise taxes, when every independent think tank and fact check organization in America has said this isn't true. With McPalin fading in the polls, I guess repetition of lies is all they have left.


Anonymous said…
She isn't even lying, she's just a complete ignoramus. My favorite was "and day is night and up is down."

I love RM. LOVE!
Pamela said…
I am really proud of Rachel Maddow for using the word "liar." I think Palin's refusing to answer the charge of "unethical," just as she refused to answer any of Ifell's questions in her debate with Joe Biden. (Can I call you Joe?)

This isn't a debate; Palin cannot just blow off millions of voters with up-down, day-night version of a bipartisan finding. Her talking points reveal how blinkered her approach to the world is.

Palin must be convinced that if she says "I'm cleared," her moral cache will be emptied, a la Microsoft's Recycle Bin. Not so!
Arlene said…
rather excited to be there during the elections! would you believe that they actually declared on the italian news that obama is a muslim, that he admitted it in public? talk about things getting lost in translation!

cayenne fried chicken — think they have that in philly or LA? seems to die for.

Peter said…
Yay Rachel! I hope this goes viral.
Peter said…
Pamela: "moral cache will be emptied, a la Microsoft's Recycle Bin" LOVE that metaphor!
Rachel Mallino said…
it all makes me want to bang my head into a brick wall.
Lisa Allender said…
Thanks Coll for posting Rachel Maddow--I missed her the past few nights. She's my honey!
Arlene--Italy reported that Obama is a Muslim? Not that I care what, if any, religion ANYone is, but that's soooo completely false.
jaxx said…
i fucking LOVE rachel maddow! thanks so much for posting this, collin, i didn't get a chance to see the show (well, not having a TV certainly contributes to that). but you can bet i'm gonna find a TV for the debates tonight. yeah, you betcha!
ButtonHole said…
I really wish Palin were "debating" again. I could use another of those train-wreck fixes!

Arlene: Philly and LA may have imported Things Hot and Fried, but I believe they rightfully belong to the Southern US!

Pamela: yes, great metaphor. Wish I'd thought of that!

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