Proposition 8 Protest Rally In Atlanta

That's me in the middle with the hat (it was freezing!) standing next to poet Stacie Boschma and Lisa Allender turning around to look at us as we arrived at the Proposition 8 protest on the grounds of the Georgia State Capitol.
There were more than 1,000 people on the steps and in the street in front of the Georgia State Capitol building in Atlanta for the Proposition 8 rally this afternoon.
Protestors carrying signs and rainbow flags spilled out into the street in front of the Georgia State Capitol for today's Proposition 8 protest.
Loved this sign by a Proposition 8 protestor: Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride.
Looking down the steps at the protestors gathering for the Proposition 8 rally in Atlanta.
Amen, sisters!

Many thanks to Cleo Creech for taking all these photos today. I met up with Cleo, Dustin Brookshire (check out his nifty new O our president bumper stickers) and his friend Justin, Lisa Allender and Theresa Davis for brunch at Radial Cafe and then we jumped on MARTA and went to the capitol. Saw lots of other folks I know, including Jessica Hand, Stanley Fong  and Myron Blaine. State Rep. Karla Drenner, our openly gay legislator, spoke about the importance of getting out to vote for Jim Martin for U.S. Senate in the Dec. 2 runoff and writer Evelyn Coleman moved us all with her impassioned speech about civil and human rights for all. There were more than a 1,000 people gathered, but it drizzled rain for a bit and then it was just freezing cold. It was great to see so many people out for the rally. CNN just posted a story about the nationwide day of protest against Proposition 8.

UPDATE: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution put the crowd at 1,500-plus and published some photos online.


You all rock! Thank you so much for supporting us here in California--and of course there are reverberations throughout the country. This issue is about respect and equal rights for ALL.
Lisa Allender said…
Coll, THANK YOU for being so supportive, such an organizer and leader!
What a day--I feel so galvanized by all this! Yaaaaa for us!
Kate--We're GOING to get there. This is about CIVIL RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS. We're going to do this. Yes, We Can!
Anonymous said…
Great photos!!!

Dustin said…
CK-- It was ejoyable protesting with you today!
jaxx said…
thanks for all the pix, collin. both firedoglake and andrew sullivan have multicity protest roundups -- you might want to send them a link to this post, i'm sure they'd appreciate it and maybe even link to it (and send you so much traffic that your whole blog will crash, lol).
jessica said…
Go, y'all! Such human rights change in the last few weeks, and yet, and yet...

I'm not yet entirely proud of my country.
nolapoet said…
We hated missing it... I had planned to be there, but La R.'s arthritis vetoed it. Wonder how many other folks were in similar straits due to the weather? But our rainbow flag is flying on the front of our house, to the consternation of some local religious door-knockers who stared and pointed and whispered at it yesterday morning. (There's another flag flying a couple of blocks away, though.)

Please take a look at for important boycott information.
Nancy Devine said…
great pics!
I protested here in Grand Forks, North Dakota. There were about 80 of us, and, Collin, it was cold enough for long underwear if a person was going to stand around. Actually, the weather was pretty good for this time of year here. The area news reported about 200 protesters in Fargo, North Dakota, south of me about 70 or so miles.
I posted pictures on my blog.
We on the edge salute you.
Collin Kelley said…
Thank you, Mrs. Signs. :-)

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