Meet the new Doctor Who - Matt Smith

Matt Smith will take over as the Doctor when the fifth series returns in 2010. At just 26, he'll be the youngest actor to play the character, who is now in his eleventh "regeneration." Smith takes over from fan favorite David Tennant, who has played the Doctor for the last three seasons. Tennant will continue as the Doctor in four one hour specials over the course of 2009 and will regenerate in the last one. Fanboys are already up in arms over the decision, but they were unhappy about Tennant, too, until they saw what he did with the character. 


Maggie May said…
i don't know anything about this, but he has marvelous character in a picture:)
Karen Head said…
He certainly is different from Tennant. That clip from the BBC makes him seem a bit goofy, but hey, Dr. Who has always been goofy.
Anonymous said…
I think he's kinda hot. I like goofy boys.

Clare said…
Everyone has been talking about this over here and how Matt Smith looks about 12. However he is meant to be a great actor and in my view he does look like a Doctor.

It will be sad to lose David Tennant though.
christine said…
He has a very interesting,intelligent looking face. I like this photo of him a lot. What a jaw line!
I will have to reserve judgement until I see him in action - because he doesn't yet look like a Doctor, but Who knows. Urgh.

We are getting four Specials this year? I didn't know this. Yip!

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