Another Blurb for Conquering Venus

The fabulous poet and novelist Kate Evans, author of For the May Queen and the forthcoming Complementary Colors, has sent over her blurb for the cover of Conquering Venus. Thank you, Kate!

Unflinching and mysterious, Conquering Venus is that rare combination of poetic and page-turner. Collin Kelley – who refreshingly faces taboos head-on – has packed his cinematic debut novel with compelling characters, meaty plot twists and satisfying surprises. This novel is freshly contemporary as well as, in its own fashion, a love letter to Paris. – Kate Evans

I've seen the final cut of the new book trailer for Conquering Venus, and it's stunning. It will go live on this blog in the coming days, along with the debut of the new Conquering Venus blog.


DeadMule said…
Collin, This is such an exciting time. And, believe me, I know how busy you are. I'm sure "Conquering Venus" will prove to be as much of a page-turner as the opening chapter promised.
"a love letter to paris" i like that.
greg rappleye said…
So very cool!
January said…
Can't wait to see the tralier and read the book, of course. Will be CV be released?
Anonymous said…
Very, very, very cool!

Lisa Allender said…
Love the mention in kate Evans' blurb, of the "taboos". Oprah(Oprah's Book Club) may be calling yet, Collin! ;)
Maggie May said…
Congrats Collin!!

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