First Blurb for Conquering Venus!

The lovely Gary Zebrun, author of the critically acclaimed novels Someone You Know and Only the Lonely, has sent over the first blurb for Conquering Venus! Thank you, Gary! 

From Memphis to London and to Paris, Martin Paige seeks redemption after a terrible and violent loss. The wonder is that he still believes in love, even when it appears like an apparition in an elusive and conflicted young man. Collin Kelley takes you on a sometimes frolicsome, sometimes tragic tour of the heart in this engaging first novel. - Gary Zebrun

Fellow blogger and fabulous poet Melissa Fondakowski (better known as Poet With A Day Job) has blogged about Conquering Venus after reading the sample chapters. You can read her post at this link. And another great poet and editor, Susan Culver, has written about Conquering Venus at her blog, Poetry Friends, and you can read her thoughts at this link. Thank you, Melissa and Susan for your support. It means more than I can say.

A steady stream of comments have been coming in about the sample chapters I've been sending around, and I appreciate everyone who has taken time to read the pages and offer praise and helpful criticism. 

Also, Ouroboros Review is now reading for issue three. It's a gorgeous online and print journal, so if you haven't submitted, I highly recommend it. If you haven't read issue two featuring my conversation with musician/poet/artist Vanessa Daou, check it out at


Anonymous said…
Great blurb. It's going to be a hit.

christine said…
Wow, he did a great job creating a succinct yet poetic blurb, very true to the spirit of what I read in the first chapter. Exciting!

Thanks for mentioning ouroboros. The interview with Vanessa has helped make the second issue really stand out. I'm floored by how talented she is. Both of you!

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