Amazon De-Ranks GLBT & "Adult Books"

Kate Evans raised the alarm for me tonight about an article in today's LA Times about de-ranking books with GLBT and "adult content." The implementation seems arbitrary and random, but Kate's books have been stripped of their rankings, as have a number of bestsellers and award-winners. There's also some instances where books they've deemed "adult" are not showing up in searches.

Amazon's business practices have raised flags before, but this is beyond the pale. Conquering Venus isn't even out yet, but sounds like it will be lost on Amazon if this kind of censorship and bigotry is allowed to stand. Some of the books already de-ranked include Augusten Burrough's Running With the Scissors, Maurice by E.M. Forster, Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown, Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison, For the May Queen by Kate Evans and countless others.

What you can do:

UPDATE 1: After a massive protest on Twitter, Amazon has responded that the de-ranking is a "glitch." Read the article here. Funny how the "glitch" is affecting mostly GLBT books. 

UPDATE 2: The Guardian newspaper in London has update on Amazon issue, noting that books by Gore Vidal and Jeanette Winters have lost their rankings. The "glitch" just isn't in America, but on Amazon sites around the globe. Twitter continues to blaze over this with the hash tag #amazonfail still the top trending topic.

UPDATE 3: Amazon has finally responded about the de-ranking of GLBT books, saying it was an internal error. Their PR department can't seem to put out a coherent explanation (or apology) but says books (more than 50,000) that lost their sales ranking are being fixed. Something in the milk still ain't clean about this. 


Anonymous said…
What a PR nightmare for Amazon. How stupid do they think their customers are? Twitter has exploded with this.

Anonymous said…
Pris said…
Yes, I read about that 'glitch'. Sounds like a lot of people had their say and pocketbooks speak when it comes to Amazon!
jessica handler said…
Censorship and anti-gay backlash, plain and simple.
Brian Campbell said…
I signed the petition. Reassuring, isn't it, that Amazon is watching out for our moral welfare.
christine said…
It's a problem when one company gets too powerful. And it drives me crazy, because it's very convenient to buy through Amazon, especially when I want to purchase books from the UK.

I'll go sign.
I just discovered to my dismay that when you search for my book on Amazon, the KINDLE version is the one that appears on the top. They really are trying to take over the book world with their monopoly, aren't they?
Anonymous said…
just boycott them. I mean, especially now with the economy what it is, we really should be buying direct from publishers and locally. It's no glitch. The gay books have all been secretly classified as bad somehow.
Pamela said…
Thanks for the update. I've signed the petition and will encourage everyone I know to do so.

50,000 books added to the Banned Books List of America!

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