American Idol - Top 8 Results

Tonight's results show opened with a performance by Frankie Avalon singing "Venus" from 1959, the year of Simon Cowell's birth. Cute, but relevant? For as much bitching the judges do about relevancy, the producers continue to trot out the fossils. I think most of the audience was going, "who is this old dude?" Oh, the hypocrisy. 

This was followed by quite possibly the worst group sing EVER. They covered Kylie Minogue's "Can't Get You Out of My Head" (the year Idol premiered) and it was a train wreck from beginning to end -- from the tuneless singing to the atrocious choreography. Even Adam Lambert couldn't keep this shit on the rails. Kylie should sue. The horrible Ford commercial featured them Top 8 as magicians singing Britney's "Circus." It was another soulless drone that Adam couldn't save. 

I found it hilarious that Flo Rida was on this wholesome, all-American family show rapping about spending all his money on strippers, a song which samples uber-gay 80s band Dead or Alive. Oh, the irony.  Kellie Picklekisser...blech.

Although Dial Idol had Kris at the bottom he wound up safe and Anoop was first in the bottom three, followed by the expected Scott and Lil Rounds. Miss Seacrest sent Lil back to safety first and then announced Anoop was safe. Scott sang "The Search is Over" again (badly) to try and get the judges to save him, to no avail. Vote for the Worst is going to have to find a new selection. 


Pris said…
Frankie Avalon is still around? I loved him 'back then', but there comes a time when you either do new stuff or you stop.
Anonymous said…
Goodbye Scotty! Next week it will be Lil or Anoop and they won't save them either. They are waiting until Gokey, Allison or Adam somehow wind up on the chopping block.

Lisa Allender said…
I missed Frankie Avalon, but guess I didn't miss much.
Nomad said…
at this point in the season with hardly anybody left it'll be difficult to see any more of them go

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