Weekend Report

Much of the weekend was spent on editing and rewriting both Conquering Venus and it's sequel. Many, many thanks to BFF Kathy, who did what I'm considering the "final edit" on the Venus manuscript. It was pretty clean, aside from stray typos, punctuation issues and the calibre of guns used by two of the characters in a climatic scene. All easy fixes. 

I emailed a panel proposal for AWP 2010 in Denver on poets working day job to support their art, which would feature me, Megan Volpert, Karen Head and Lola Haskins. This morning I received an invitation to sit on another AWP panel about super heroes in poetry. Surely, one of these will be accepted, plus I'll be there shamelessly self-promoting Venus. Denver, here I come.

I also managed to slip out of my editing bonds to attend BFF Malory's 40th birthday party, which she held in conjunction with mutual friend Stuart, who was also celebrating four decades. Happy birthday, guys. 

Much love and thanks also to the lovely Vanessa Daou and her kind words about my poetry on her blog and, again, for letting me use "Heart of Wax" for the Venus book trailer. If you have put off buying her latest album Joe Sent Me waiting for it to show up on iTunes, wait no more. It's available for download now!


January said…
You are one busy writer! Both AWP panels sound interesting. See you in Denver.
Lisa Allender said…
Congrats again, Collin....I swear, you're accomplishing so much--and so frequently-- that I need to set my computer to "auto" with those three words:
"Congrats again, Collin!" . ;)
Anne said…
If I get the grant I've applied for, I'll see you in Denver! :)
christine said…
I love your lines Vanessa Daou featured on her blog. Lovely words.

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