One and Other: Karen Head on the Fourth Plinth

Atlanta poet Karen Head made history today by being the only American visiting London to stand on the Fourth Plinth as part of the living art project One and Other. She read one of my poems to the crowd (yay!) and also work by Julie Blomeke, JC Reilly, Christine Swint, David Matthew Barnes and more. Via Twitter, she also collected lines for an "exquisite corpse" poem called "Monumental." Above are screenshots from the live feed from Trafalgar Square. TIME magazine covered her appearance on the Plinth. Check back for more links and I'm sure Karen will have some comments up soon at her blog


Jo said…
Wow, those photos are amazing. She was amazing.
Lisa Allender said…
THIS WAS SPECTACULAR!! I am posting on Twitter about this, too.
What a smart, savvy poet she is!!And gorgeous, too!! ;)
christine said…
Great pics, Collin. how did you get them as still shots? It was so much fun to be writing with Karen and all of you during real time. I loved your line about the sunny London day. That was fast thinking, too.
Anonymous said…
That is so cool. Sorry I missed it.

Rupert said…
nice screen shots, C! Seriously. The whole thing was much fun
Anonymous said…
Wow. London is such a beautiful place, and for poetry to be at such a display. Amazing.
..."exquisite corpse" poem called "Monumental."...what else COULD it be called? -Jayne

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