Tron Legacy, AQLF update, Venus readings

When I was 13 and going to the arcade after school and every day during the summer, Tron was geekgasm supreme. The movie looked like nothing else at the time (1982) and there was always a line to play the video game. At Comic Con in San Diego, folks got to see this trailer for the sequel, Tron Legacy. The graphics are super cool and Jeff Bridges is back, but I kinda giggled because he sorta looks like The Dude (His Dudeness, Duder, El Duderino) in The Big Lebowski. That light cycle holds the room together, Dude.

The schedule for the 2009 Atlanta Queer Literary Festival is nearly complete. Along with keynote speakers Staceyann Chin and Manil Suri, we just confirmed Terry Galloway (author of the new memoir Mean Little Deaf Queer) and Michael Montlack (who edited the My Diva anthology). Read an update at

Still working on setting up regional readings for Conquering Venus. Phone calls and emails are out, so just waiting for dates. North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Florida in that order if all goes well.


Maggie May said…
Duuuuuuuude. Dude? Dude.
DeadMule said…
Where in North Carolina will you be reading, Collin?
Collin Kelley said…
Asheville, N.C. Just waiting to hear back. Do you have another bookstore suggestion or place to read in NC, Helen? I'd love to hear.
DeadMule said…
Not really. I'll ask around and get back to you. Asheville is good. Maybe I can get there. Maybe. Don't count on it, but I'd like to.
Collin Kelley said…
I'd be honored if you did. :)
Pris said…
Your book tour sounds exciting, Collin! I hope you sell tons.
Tron? Tron Legacy? I watched the original movie and was a huge fan! Didn't know there was a new version being released!

Thank you for posting the trailer! :D

Phil Anthony
David said…
I'm thrilled by the TRON sequel. Looks like they kept the original design. TRON: the original MATRIX.

My brother refers to Jeff Bridges as The Big Letronski now. ;)

Barnes & Noble informed me that my CONQUERING VENUS shipping date has been changed/delayed. Know anything about this?

Anyway, maybe we should do an interview about the book once I read it. What do you think?
Collin Kelley said…
David, B&N had the date wrong from the moment they listed Conquering Venus, so they are finally correcting themselves. Amazon has the date set for Aug. 5,but I'm fairly certain we're not going to make that deadline. I'll have copies by mid-month, and it should start shipping around then, too.

I'd love to do an interview!
christine said…
I was doing the pogo and staying out of the way of slam dancing at the 40-Watt Club when you were playing those video games and going to see Tron. My friends (the guys) would go to the arcade, but I didn't get it. All those quarters they spent!

Conquering Venus deserves a wide audience. Now that it has a life of its own, you'll be going along for many a ride. It's a big job, but hopefully it'll be rewarding as you hear the positive feedback from the readers, of which there will be many, I'm sure. I'm enjoying being a witness to the journey.
Melissa said…
I cannot wait for this. I love Tron! Remember the video game? I am re-renting Tron, War Games...and looking for a third (suggestions?) to have an 80s computer sci-fi marathon!
Anonymous said…
I have a feeling Tron is going to suck 2.0


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