In praise of Juliette Binoche and Paris

Just saw the beautiful film Paris starring Juliette Binoche and a big cast of brilliant French actors. Binoche is, as always, radiant even when she's wearing no make-up and playing a 40-year-old woman who feels like life is passing her by. Melanie Laurent (why plays Shosanna in Inglourious Basterds) is also in the film and has little dialogue, but her face and movements are so expressive, her performance will stay with you. The story is very Robert Altman-esque, with lives diverging and converging in the streets of Paris. It's sumptuously filmed. Go see it or you can watch it at home on demand if you have the IFC Channel.

The other clip is of Binoche performing a modern dance piece with British choreographer Akram Khan called In-I. They have been touring all over the world (the clip above was from their performance at the Sydney Opera House) and it looks amazing. On top of this, her art work has been on display in galleries and museums, accompanied by poems. Is there nothing Binoche can't do? Read and listen to more about Binoche at NPR.


David said…
She is amazing!
Great videos!!
Lisa Allender said…
Lovely lass.
Cleo said…
You now Collin since we saw this, I've developed sort of mixed feelings on the movie. It's an absolutely beautiful film, great cast, a great love letter to Parisk, but the movie itself - seemed sort of formulaic and predicatable for this sort of ensemble piece. I guess there is a whole genre now of postcard movies, that showcase different cities and their unique cultures, "Paris", "LA Stories", I still think my fav though is "Barcelona" it manages to be all of the above, plus more engaging and unique.

I have to wonder what "Atlanta" would look like?

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