Writer, Interrupted

I've had one of the worst cold/flu things going on since Friday. My weekend was spent in a drug haze on the couch. I accomplished nothing. My plan was to dive back into the second novel, but I couldn't even muster the energy to look at the computer for long periods of time.

I felt the big sick coming on Thursday evening, after having a huge Thanksgiving meal (turkey and dressing, ham, veggies supplied by The Colonnade -- yum!) with my parents and grandmother. I rushed home and started knocking back juice, vitamins, etc. It was too late.

Yesterday was a near death experience. I dragged myself down to the Fulton County Courthouse for jury duty (the first time I've ever been called) and sat for eight hours in a hot room with several hundred other people. It was Kafkaesque. I don't get why they call so many people to jury duty when they aren't ever going to use them all. It seems like a giant waste of taxpayer time and money.

Peony Moon asked me to name my favorite collections of poetry for 2009. You can see my choices at this link.

Please take a moment and remember that it is World AIDS Day. There are more than 33 million infected and in 2008, 2 million people died of HIV/AIDS-related illnesses.


January said…
Glad you're feeling better (well, I think you're feeling better). I'm surprised they didn't release you sooner from jury duty given your bad cold.
Michelle said…
Thanks so much for your poetry selections, Collin. I hope you're feeling much better.
christine said…
I'm so behind on my blogging–I know you're much better now, but I still feel for you, having to go to court when you were so low. I think I read your picks on peony moon, though.

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