American Idol 9 - Boston Auditions

Just since my preview column published yesterday, Simon Cowell confirmed the rumors that he’s leaving American Idol after this season to concentrate on The X Factor, which, curiously, will also air on Fox in 2011.

Before Simon and his furry moobs move on to more financially lucrative pastures, we still have season 9 to deal with. The show kicked off tonight with a two-hour audition show in Boston.

Since our beloved hophead Paula Abdul departed at an awkward time and Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t join the panel until February, the producers decided to fill her seat with a series of “celebrity guest judges” for the audition rounds. First up: Victoria Beckham, aka Mrs. David Beckham, aka Posh Spice, aka praying mantis...

Read the rest of the recap at Project Q Atlanta -- the home of my Idol recaps for the rest of the season.


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