New Year's Weekend

I spent the weekend watching movies and working on the sequel to Conquering Venus. I'd hoped to knock out 50 pages during the holidays, but managed 20. Although I didn't meet the page count goal, I'd been dithering over the 200 pages I have for months -- rewriting, reorganizing -- so now the plot is moving forward.

Speaking of Conquering Venus, it's a nominee for best mystery of the year at Critters Writing Workshop, a well-known website for writers. If you follow this link you can vote for Venus by just leaving your name and an email address. The deadline to vote Jan. 14. I would appreciate it.

I spent New Year's Eve with BFF Malory having a tasty dinner at Longhorn (why, yes, I do love a Flo's Filet) and then went to Karen and Colin's house for a small party. JC Reilly, Bob Wood, Cleo Creech and some other fine writers were there, too. It was nice to ring in the New Year with friends. New Year's Day was for recovery, writing and watching David Tennant's final episode of Doctor Who, which, as I predicted, left me verklempt. Series 5 begins in the spring with Matt Smith as the Doctor and the teaser trailer (you can watch it here) looks exciting.

On Saturday afternoon I went with Cleo to see It's Complicated starring Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. I'd expected a fluffy, light rom-com, but it was unexpectedly hilarious. The bit where Streep and Martin get stoned and then go to her son's graduation party had the whole theater howling.


Nancy Devine said…
i've been thinking about seeing "it's complicated." you've made my decision for me. yes...i'm goin'
Aisha said…
Thanks for the shout-out!

And thanks for the info about It's Complicated. I thought I wanted to see it, and now I'm sure I do.
christine said…
I'm already backlogged with movies to see that you've mentioned....

I'm glad you got twenty pages written–that's over a chapter, right? Keep going, Collin. I do see CV as a mystery, although that's not all it is. Congratulations on being nominated to Critters. I hope CV wins.

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