American Idol 9 - Top 11 Perform

Miley Cyrus as a mentor? Really, “American Idol”? Unless she’s mentoring in auto-tune, dancing on stripper poles, sexting and posing for disturbing photographs with her daddy, Miley has no business telling anyone how to do anything – especially singing.

According to Internet rumors, Tuesday’s theme was supposed to be “Teen Idols,” which would sort of explain Miley, but at some point over the weekend the theme was switched to Billboard’s Number One Hits. Miley is simply a ratings ploy to get more tweens and teens to watch the show.

After some gay panic banter between Miss Seacrest and Simon about the latter’s v-neck sweater blouse, it was on with the show. And what a mostly terrible show it was.

Lee DeWyze: Miley said he had no stage presence, so he came out looking vaguely like Michael Bublé and backed by a horn section on “The Letter” by The Boxtops. It was definitely his most energetic performance to date, but the vocal was only so-so. He has a raspy voice – whoop-de-fucking-doo. Every song sounds the same.

Paige Miles: Miley calling anyone pitchy is ridiculous, but she was right. Paige’s live performance of Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds” was nightmarishly out of tune. I don’t think she hit a single note. The judges savaged her, with Kara calling it the worst performance of the season. Unless she gets massive sympathy votes, she’s outta there.

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