HomeGround cover art revealed

The editors of the Kate Bush magazine, HomeGround, have almost completed a giant anthology (800-plus pages!) that tracks Kate's career from the magazine's creation in 1982 to 2009. The anthology is filled with photos, art, reviews, short stories, poetry and articles about all the albums. I'm honored to have some of my poetry included and I've also written a short introduction for the anthology along with some other very special fans. The book should be out early next year. The cover art (front and back cover pictured above) by Steven Brown is gorgeous and hats off to editors/founders Peter, Krys and Dave for undertaking this mammoth project. Keep up with all things Kate at www.katebushnews.com.


bookfraud said…
collin: sorry to just "jump in" and leave a comment such as this after being invisible for months, but i am really struck over the fanaticism of kate bush fans. i dated one in college, and if i had to hear "running up that hill" again, i might have lost my mind.

she (my girlfriend) could really never articulate why she loved kate bush so much. not that kate bush isn't talented, smart, beautiful, etc., but so are a lot of vocalists; what is the je ne se qua that makes people so gaga over her, as opposed to, say, lady gaga?

just curious.
Collin Kelley said…
I can only speak for myself, but Kate Bush is the forerunner of most of today's female artists who have any type of artistic edge. Without Kate Bush there would have been no Tori Amos, Lady Gaga, Jane Siberry, Sarah McLachlan, Florence and the Machine, Bjork and countless others. Kate is in complete control of her music, image and production, which makes her rare. She cares very little about what is "popular" and produces music -- when she takes a notion -- that is like no other. She's an iconoclast. I admire her.

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